I have 15+ years in the camping industry. I have been a counselor, unit leader, program director, year-round director, executive director and board member. I’ve started new camps, merged a camp into a larger organization, and been a user-group camp.  I love to facilitate camp training and you can hire me to come lead part of yours!

Here is a selection of workshops that I offer. We can customize and combine these for your program in particular. Give me a call or an email! I love to talk about camp and camp training in particular.

  • Camp Counselor Basics
  • Great Group Games with minimal supplies
  • Leadership for counselors
  • Leadership for supervisors
  • Difficult conversations and confrontations
  • Decision-making for camp staff
  • Supervising a diverse staff
  • Neurodiversity at camp and/or diversity at camp
  • Homesickness
  • Autism: strategies for typical camps
  • Autism: strategies for special needs camps

I have worked at these camps with these amazing people:

Camp Al-Gon-Quian (Ann Arbor YMCA) with Scott Arizala

Frost Valley YMCA with Dan Weir

Dragonfly Forest (Freedom Valley YMCA) with a big team

Camp Tall Tree (our very own camp!) with Scott Arizala and Sarah Kurtz McKinnon

Stomping Ground with Laura Kriegel and Jack Schott

I am also on the faculty of Expert Online Training with many esteemed colleagues