So many people have experienced a confusing time of life when they were unsure of their path. Some people graduate from school and don’t know which company to work for. Others want to start their own business but aren’t sure how to do it, or if it’s even the right plan at all. Others find themselves yearning for a different career than the one they have and want to make a drastic change. Other folks might be retired but aren’t finished contributing to the world. All of us have felt the turmoil of transition.

Transitions can be especially challenging if you aren’t sure what your next move is going to be.

My custom Wayfinding Program is designed to help people create concrete options for their next chapter of life. Together we will work through formal assessments of your strengths, interests, and assets. We will do a logistics analysis of your qualifications, finances, and network. Then we will determine several plans that showcase your strengths, address your interests, and make sense for your financial situation. We will launch your life toward the plan you choose.  While we work together, you can stop worrying about not having a plan and enjoy the process of self-discovery.  In 6-8 weeks you will have a renewed purpose and a solid action plan.

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